Community — Helping and Healing

The D-Stress Station Stress Management Center is available to participate in local community events and projects. Please contact us at

Onsite Work

We currently serve Minitab, Restek, Seligman Friedman & Company, Keystone Realty Offices, Victory Sports Performance & Fitness, and Mount Nittany Residences.

In Home Visits

We offer onsite massage for geriatric and non ambulatory clients who have mobility issues, or have difficulty traveling. A great experience for people who want to receive a massage in the comfort of their own home where they can continue to relax and enjoy the tranquility process after their massage.

Hospital Visits

The D-Stress Station will come to you when facing major surgeries such as hip/knee replacement. The main benefit is that massage can stimulate circulation, improving the flow of blood which can bring down blood pressure, clear inflammation and restore functional movement allowing the body to relax and recover.

Special Events

We are available for wedding parties, office parties, golf tournaments, hike/bike-a-thons and all fundraising events.