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Dear Jim, Linda and especially Simon:
I'm going out of town for a couple days but I thought I would be remiss if I did not let you all know what a wonderful job Simon did re my massage yesterday.

I went to DeStress because the small of my back was really hurting.. That, plus the fact that I had an upcoming golf tournament led me to make a short notice appointment for a massage.

You folks were very accommodating and set up an appointment with Simon who I understand only recently got his license.

I can't say enough positive things about the results.

As expected, I was somewhat sore after the massage. However, the soreness went away after a couple of hours and this morning I feel no discomfort at all.

Best of all, I now have no qualms about playing in the tournament Friday and Saturday.

Accolades to Simon--he learned his lessons well!

I'll be back !

        — Thanks much, A.J. Grill

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State College Meals on Wheels
Dear Linda, On behalf of the staff, volunteers, and especially the clients of State College Meals on Wheels, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support of our 8th annual benefit dinner on May 16, 2013. With your help, we raised approximately $40,000 in support of Meals on Wheels.

Your donation of two one-hour massages for the silent auction has generated funds that will directly support our mission to provide nutritious meals to the residents of our community who cannot prepare meals for themselves.

Thanks again for joining us in the fight against senior hunger.

        — Bill Haner, President, Board of Directors

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Chamber of Business & Industry Centre County
Dear Linda, I'm writing to congratulate you on your membership anniversary with the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County. Our records indicate that this month represents your one-year anniversary as a CBICC member, having joined on 6/4/12.

We sincerely appreciate your support of the CBICC and hope that you are realizing the benefits of membership. We strive to identify and understand our members' needs and develop programs and services that will continue to provide a strong return on your membership investment.

I would love to hear back from you regarding your experience with the CBICC and any suggestions you might have for how we can help you make the most out of your membership, so please don't ever hesitate to contact me.

Again, thank you for your support of the CBICC — we enjoy having you as a member!

        — Jean Gerber, Vice President, Chamber Operations

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2nd Annual Allegheny Front Trail Runs - Remarkably cool temperatures for late July greeted runners gathered at Mid-State Regional Airport, in PA's Moshannon State Forest, to take on the 12-mile Hemlock course and 30-mile Seneca course of the Allegheny Front Trail Run. Working closely with the Bureau of Forestry, this year's event added eight more miles of the Allegheny Front Trail to both courses.

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At Minitab, we have applied a holistic approach to our Fitness and Wellness Programs. We have learned from our employees and their actions that access to service is a key success ingredient to any benefit provided by an employer. In other words, it is not a benefit if it is not easy and hassle free for the employee. As part of our program to reduce stress, we believe that on-site massage should be offered by professional and qualified massage therapists. Access to this professional service can provide great benefit to employees who are looking to reduce stress and re-energize. In most cases employees will not take time to drive to a location for a massage as it can be very time consuming, but if offered within the building employees will set time aside as it is minimally invasive of their time. Understanding this need and realizing that life is extremely busy we have been very fortunate to have developed a relationship with The D-Stress Station. In exchange for providing private rooms in which The D-Stress Station can set up for a massage our employees and have direct access to qualified professionals. The access to the service is simple and hassle free. The employee contacts the D-Stress Station directly and arranges his/her appointment. The payment is made to The D-Stress station Professional by the employee prior to the start of the session.

From an employer perspective the benefit is easy to administer and is cost effective since the only cost to the employer is finding a private on-site space. The employee benefits from the access to a professional service which studies by the Mayo Clinic have shown is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. To Minitab this is a win-win benefit offering for all involved. I would highly recommend any company to consider this hassle free model as an extension of their Benefit offerings.

Todd Hershbine, Human Resources and Administrative Services Executive,     Minitab Inc.

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"The Massage Program has definitely been a great stress reliever and one that I would be unlikely to take advantage of it not offered at work."

        — Michelle — Minitab

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"I am so grateful to the D-Stress Station for eliminating long-standing chronic pain and for helping me manage any new 'issues' that may arise."

        — KG

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..."No matter how sore, stiff or tight my body is, I always feel so much better after a visit to The D-Stress Station."

        — Deb Mulhatten

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"I am a CPA who is very busy between Jan 1 & Apr 15 each year. During that time of year I get a massage weekly at the D-Stress Station. The net result is that I'm a much more efficient worker. I'm free of stiffness & pain in my shoulders and neck caused by the long hours sitting at my desk. Also the warm caring treatment provided by Linda and her staff is truly d-stressing. I'm a big fan of the D-Stress Station."

        — RNL

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"Ahhh.... Just the thought of a massage from Linda or Jim Puder relaxes me. Both are such wonderful and thoughtful people who happen to be superb at the many things they do. I have gotten a number of massages over the years and get coupons for friends so they can have the same enjoyable experience. HIGHLY recommend!!!"

        — Alice Clark

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"I have seen Linda Puder for over ten years. She has worked tirelessly to take care of my problems which came from surgery, workouts, and athletic injury. She is as skilled a massage therapist as I have known."

        — Bruce S.